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35 Best Website Examples to Inspire Small Businesses

Websites have become a part of branding and professionalism, as should be the case. Websites are a neat way of showcasing the ideas, values, and services your business offers. It can thus, be inferred that the importance of websites can genuinely not be overemphasized which explains why we have decided to take things a step… Continue reading 35 Best Website Examples to Inspire Small Businesses

35+ Best Small Business Website Design and Examples | ProDev Solution  35 Best Website Examples to Inspire Small Businesses
35 Best Website Examples to Inspire Small Businesses

Websites have become a part of branding and professionalism, as should be the case. Websites are a neat way of showcasing the ideas, values, and services your business offers. It can thus, be inferred that the importance of websites can genuinely not be overemphasized which explains why we have decided to take things a step further by not just telling you how to create a good website but by explaining samples of actual websites. These samples will help simplify the critical factors you would need to take into consideration before, during, and after your website development.     

Startups and generally, small businesses have a smaller audience reach. It is also assumed that small businesses have relatively lower expertise and knowledge of branding, advertising, and professionalism. Although this might not always be the case, this article lists best examples of websites worthy of notice and emulation to help inspire some startup businesses and generally, all those who are interested in building a website. The examples will also be placed into categories to simplify your search.

Real State

  1. Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton
    This website immediately gives you the feel of surfing through a world-class magazine. It is built with a custom theme on Squarespace. Squarespace is a platform that delivers software used primarily for web development and hosting. It is more commonly known as a drag and drop builder. The layout of the website is exquisite, simple, and attractive with images interchanged from left to right and texts placed beside.
  2. Jennifer Ferland
    This website uses a white background with a central image. Scrolling down the site reveals beautiful images arranged side by side in rows and columns similar to a gallery. Built with Squarespace, it uses various templates since it’s a drag and drop builder. This website was explicitly built using the Anya template. The Jennifer Ferland website screams, “Welcome” in a very aesthetically pleasing way.
  3. Cervera Real Estate
    This agency is located in South Florida. The website opens to a catchy tagline placed on a very vivid image. The website also has a simple layout that simplifies search and a colourful theme. Reviews, services rendered, and other vital details of this agency are easily visible on the site’s homepage. A white backdrop also helps provide a balance to the colourful images.
  4. Flagler
    Flagler is another agency known as being “synonymous with Florida.” This website is built with a simple user interface that immediately tells what services the agency offers, how trusted their brand is, and their amassed reviews as well. This website design is simple, without many flashy themes that could be distracting.
  5. Comras company
    The Comras Company of Florida features a two-tone coloured design. With two significant shades of blue and green, a simplified user interface, and minimalistic design, it is easy to find information without any hassles. This website also employs a tagline, ‘redefining retail’, that immediately gives you an idea of the services this company offers.
  6. Allen morris
    This website is one of the most beautifully designed websites on this list. The website opens to reveal a central slideshow of beautiful eye-catching images which gives way below to images arranged on a black background, which in turn gives way to other page sections on a white background. You can immediately tell that immense effort and detail was put into the design and representation of this website. The homepage features current projects, highlights, and links to other relevant pages.
  7. Guy Yakorni
    Built with WordPress, this website is clean and straightforward with just one central image on its homepage. Specifically, the Realia Real Estate Theme was employed. This theme is a WordPress template suited for real estate businesses. The general design of this theme is clean, minimalistic, and attractive.

Gym and Fitness

  1. Burn pilates
    Burn pilates feature an exceptional design with a clear and distinct font. There is also a captivating image that immediately showcases the workout services this agency offers. The whole effect is enhanced with a video. Burn pilates also has an excellent user interface that makes moving from one section to the other, simplified.
  2. Fit bottomed girls
    From the tagline to its design, this website presents the brand as fun while also specializing in fitness. Other features that distinguish this website is its colourful homepage, diverse content, and playful content writing style. The white background also complements the colourful sections and acts as a perfect contrast.
  3. Advanced wellness
    This website uses a slideshow of workout images as its central display. Below it is a white background with images alternating from left to right. It is impossible to be confused about the services this website offers, even at first glance.
  4. Phive
    This design redefines the concept of designs. It is unique and fancy. Phive is a gym business, and this is showcased in the most catchy and engaging manner from the bold menu to a full-screen image that smoothly leads to the rest of the page, it is immediately apparent that this website and the brand in extension values quality. Did I mention the distinguishing animations that Phive uses? Amazing.
  5. Equinox
    Equinox uses a black backdrop with a very flashy image central on the screen. This image smoothly gives way to neat and minimal layouts on the same page in sharp contrast to the flashy central image above. Their header navigation bar also clearly illustrates the different services they offer under fitness and exercise.


  1. Feldman Architecture
    This website features a slideshow of beautiful quality images. These images do not have flashy colours and so give the website a cool undertone. There is no scrolling option as the slideshow has the header navigation bar as well with all the sections you would need neatly outlined.
  2. Connect Homes
    This website opens to reveal a very classy animation that ends with a high-resolution image. There is a little arrow icon, as opposed to the usual scrolling option, that immediately changes the image and provides the user with a different set of available options. The design of this website is classy.
  3. Thompson Naylor
    This website uses a slideshow of architectural images with a minimalized navigation bar. There is no scrolling option as well, and the images are all in attractive but not flashy shades. The images are also placed against a white backdrop, giving a classy but calm impression.
  4. Intergal City
    This website opens with a unique black and white image that gradually loads to a colourful, vibrant animation. The different web sections are condensed neatly on the navigation bar.
  5. Dirk Dennison
    This website uses a very bold and vibrant design. The centre image is very colourful with the brand name in bold font and centralized. Scrolling down reveals other architectural designs in various distinct niches.

Beauty and Lifestyle

  1. The Wholy Dose
    This website is designed using Squarespace in the template, Nuva. The prominent detail about this website is the predominant use of whites, blacks, and greys. Very minimalistic and clean-looking, this website has an appealing allure and a very simplified user interface as well.
  2. Kaylux Cosmetics
    This website is created with Squarespace in the template style, Mercer. This website uses a clean white background while purple and pink colours are used to highlight the website name and an image of a pouting mouth dripping of lipstick. This website exudes feminity, cosmetics, and beauty in the most simplified manner. The navigation bar is highly placed and neatly arranged
  3. Project Vanity
    This is another Squarespace website in a template called Mercer. The website immediately reveals a catchy illustration-like image done predominantly in pink. This website also has a unique feature. Scrolling down has an unusual feature of slides being raised to replace the former. Below, there are tons of reviews and tons of images in different vibrant colours.
  4. Thrive Causemetics
    This website was created with Shopify. Thrive Causemetics, down from its name to its theme points to originality and uniqueness. The website is done in a lovely shade of turquoise, with black and white prints. There is a bold image of smiling women with before and after pictures that immediately point to their genuity and positive reviews as a brand.
  5. Glow concept
    This website is built with Wix. It immediately opens to reveal a very vibrant shade of pink in an image of pink powder poured on a white background. It also uses a scroll method that brings up slides on the first picture, instead of the regular method of all slides being lifted.
  6. Miss A
    This website plays with colours uniquely. There’s a bold black navigation header. It also uses vibrant pink and green shades, among others. The navigation header features condensed sections to minimize text overload.
  7. 100% pure
    This website is built with Shopify. Beautifully designed, it uses a slideshow of cosmetic products from their brand. Below this, the homepage continues in neatly arranged sections of products according to different categories like sanitizers, cleansers, serums, etc. It is effortless to find whatever you need in a jiffy!


  1. Yummly
    Yummly uses a left-handed menu style, with the rest of the page occupied by descriptive images of food together with its ratings. A plain background with strawberries here and there make up the general theme.
  2. White on rice couple
    This website stays true to its name, even in design. It’s predominantly done in white with well-organized rectangles of images displaying different kinds of mouth-watering dishes. These images are displayed gallery-like with short descriptive titles above.
  3. Sakara
    This website is built with Shopify. The homepage reveals a condensed navigation bar that helps minimize space. The screen is then split vertically for two side by side central images that continue beneath four images.
  4. Impromptu gourmet
    This website uses a white backdrop with colourful images cleverly displayed as the user scrolls down. There are two columns of head bars displayed in different red shades. Red is also the predominant font colour through the homepage.
  5. Binging with Babish
    This website uses a bold and engaging image for its central display. The head bar is arranged above with small fonts. While scrolling, the user isn’t overwhelmed with information or excessive colours, as the minimal design continues. This website is built with a custom theme on Squarespace.
  6. 0ola
    Oola uses a white backdrop against blocks of images arranged symmetrically with accompanying texts. The font of the tagline and colour is engaging and complements the bold font in which “Oola” is displayed.
  7. Momofuku
    This website uses a left-hand menu, with the rest of the screen filled with a mouth-watering dish. Below, it continues with two side by side images till the end of the homepage.


  1. Smile&Co
    The central display of this website uses an engaging monochromatic video showing a lot of smiles. The whole design is very welcoming and fun-like. It also uses stacked menus.
  2. Cedar village dentistry
    This uses a white backdrop, engaging video, and vivid images for its display. These images help to showcase the ageny’s work.
  3. Atlanta Dental Spa
    This website opens with a descriptive dental video that immediately highlights the services of this agency. The rest of the homepage is done with minimal and classy designs.
  4. Toothsmith Dental surgery
    The design is done in a very calm and catching blue and white combo that exudes confidence and expertise. Bold fonts and texts are used with minimal images.

Generally, we can conclude that there are no specific designs for a great website. However, there are specific tips, tricks, and layout ideas that make for a great website. We do hope you have learnt a thing or two that will improve your website.

Thank you for reading.

Yoaldis Pena