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Positioning and SEO

Get More Traffic more Leadsmore Sales Start today with the strategies and tools that
are multiplying the income of thousands of companies and content creators.

Agile and direct filling the search engines towards their markets

At Pro Dev we have developed a methodology and set of tools to stay on top of the ever-changing environment of search engine optimization. After an initial analysis, we design a strategic and tactical plan adapted to the specific needs of the business, which ranges from the definition of the operational deliverables to the execution of the bulk of its implementation.


Previous analysis

We study what you do. We give you our suggestions and you can follow them. We have already analyzed some companies and our suggestions have helped them grow. Our main task is to identify your mistakes and give you better results than the competition. Success always accompanies those who persevere.

Definition of objectives

We help you to get better positions in search engines, to increase your conversion and your profits. We are the best in SEO Consulting, there is no doubt about that. We have the best tools and processes to achieve the goals you want. Forget about your competitors!

Tracking results

After carrying out a campaign, an SEO consultant will be in charge of checking all the data related to the actions carried out. We will be able to know if the steps we have taken have given the expected results, or if we must carry out more actions.

On Page SEO Optimization

After your website has been successfully rebuilt and restructured as a solid foundation, we'll make sure it's properly optimized. This will ensure that search engines see your site the way you want it to, and that your content lands in the right places.

Monitoring report

Looking for a parfait? Or maybe a home for your fledgling business? Or you just feel lost. Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered... Our SEO consultants bring you the goods. A comprehensive and standardized report each month keeps you up to date on the status of your project. But don't worry, as we always say: It's never too late to change course and correct mistakes. Simply work with us to make the necessary changes and our consultants will be ready to go.

What We Offer

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a complex and detailed process that must be carried out with dedication to detail. We carry out a thorough review of each client’s website, including technical analysis and the presence of an on-site consultant during the development process. We offer services to help develop site functionality and performance, monitor the site throughout its development and launch, and after it goes live.

Local SEO

We help local businesses increase their visibility and get more customers by optimizing their Google My Business pages, Review listings, and social media accounts. You can count on us to show you the easiest way to manage your online reputation, improve your online click-to-call and click-to-map ratings and reviews, and ensure you appear at the top of search results. .

International SEO

Pro Dev is a multilingual company that offers international bespoke SEO services. Our multilingual team and our network of top-tier international partners allow us to tackle ambitious projects from a local perspective, understanding the idiosyncrasies of each user beyond their linguistic or regional peculiarities.

Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul. Our international SEO project goes beyond the. We understand that any multilingual or multiregional project requires a personalized strategic approach that responds to the real needs of the client.

SEO migrations

Migrating a website is a process
you’ll want to go through carefully.
A professional SEO migration service guarantees that your website will be migrated correctly and maintain the visibility it already has.

– Migration Type
– site structure
– content strategy
– Test Environment
– Results measurement

SEO consultant

If you have a website but your business isn’t getting the results you want or isn’t appearing where it should, contact Pro Dev. Our SEO specialists will personally analyze your website and recommend improvements that will give you more visibility on the internet. An expert from our team advises your website to achieve a good position within the search engines. For us and our clients, we always look for the best solutions that allow us to grow together.



Get More Trafficmore Leadsmore Sales Start today with the strategies and tools that are multiplying the income of thousands of companies and content creators.

What you can find among our services

Content analysis for site improvements
and other recommendations
Analysis of the structure H1 and H2.
Analysis of unique titles in tags of all pages.
Analysis of meta tags and descriptions of all pages.
Analysis and monitoring of the metrics provided by Google Analytics.
Monitoring of organic visitors, bounce rates and referrals.
Installation and configuration of Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console.
301 redirect.
SERP tests for keywords and terms with specialized software.
Optimization of images and implementation of alt tags.
Implementation of internal links.
Analysis of industry trends based on the line of business.
Analysis of the competition.
Opportunities for content writing.
Google My Business Reputation Management and Enhancements.
Blog Writing or Email Marketing
Writing and editing of 1 blog article as well as tips and recommendations.
Design of 1 monthly campaign via email.
Image and video optimization.
Linking strategies with other sites and/or directories.
Optimization of posts already generated by the client.
Creation of landing pages for specific products and/or services.