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We are synonymous with the actual builder.


Our team is made up of the most skilled and talented web developers who not only have certifications to their name, but also proven experience. Our web development staff have developed amazing websites for different unique brands that have stood the test of time. Our team is also very close, specifically just under 25 members. This minimum number helps tremendously with communication, efficiency, and smooth response. As such, we treat your project with the core motive of developing a world-class website.


More than 150 successful projects


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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The entire web development process is summarized in these steps:

Communication with the Client and Web Design Team
First off, ProDev Solutions starts with effective communication. We emphasize this stage to get a clear picture of the client’s expectations and the entire design’s user flow.

The Actual Development process
Here, tasks are split according to functionalities. Hence, our front end developers work hand in hand with the back end developers to build the website. We also have full stack developers that work in tandem with the other developers. This is where the artistic designs are transformed into reality.

Review process
Here, we review the entire website with the client while using the web designs as a guide. We analyze possible areas of errors, crosscheck the usability of the website, and ensure website security.

Web Development


At ProDev Solutions, we specialize in building custom websites effectively tailored for your brand/business. In other words, we develop your website from scratch. Everything from the design layout, structure, and pattern is decided by the web design team and us. This blank slate or canvas available for us to build upon directly equals flexibility, originality, and creativity. In building custom websites with us, the aim is to develop a tailor-made website that is in sync with your brand’s personality.

Building a custom website with us essentially offers you:

A website specifically tailored to suit your brand: Your brand’s style and personality are showcased in everything from the theme colors, design styles, and navigation. In essence, ProDev builds a website that provides an exact visual representation of your website while ensuring it is not only visually attractive but extremely user friendly.

High website security: Throughout the entire development process, we make provisions for protection against any unauthorized use. We do this by securing the front end code, proper configuration of the webserver, etc. In a nutshell, we take preventive measures to safeguard your website by ensuring double-checks for incoming data. We also incorporate input sanitization, which involves changing the user data so that it has no direct influence on running the server code.

Enhanced User Engagement and Interaction: It follows that a well-built website should directly translate to increased user interaction. Due to the meticulous effort we place in building our websites; our clients usually record an increased user engagement across their platforms.

Optimum functionality and Usability: At ProDev Solutions, we do not only aim to develop aesthetically pleasing websites. Instead, we combine the visual appeal with exceptional usability(User experience).

Enhanced SEO: Building a customized website with us also covers Search Engine Optimization. At ProDev Solutions, our versatility, years of experience, and extreme attention to detail enable us to optimize your site during the development process. We do this both by our on-page code and off-page code.