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Digital Commerce

Where digitalization yields personalized eCommerce and marketing services.

Digital commerce does not precisely
equate eCommerce.

While eCommerce is a significant part of digital commerce, the latter also encompasses marketing services that transverse outside the typical online store’s border for buying and selling. Some of these marketing services include analytics, customer experience, a boost in audience interaction and engagement, customer retention, etc. Businesses, startups inclusive, need more than just an online store to build and sustain a presence. This is where Digital Commerce comes in, and by extension, where ProDev Solution comes in.

Why choose ProDev Solution?

  • At ProDev, we do not just offer an eCommerce service; we incorporate marketing services that aid a fantastic customer experience: It is a common misconception that digital commerce starts and ends with building an online, virtual store. At ProDev, we develop an eCommerce store with customized designs and incorporate marketing services for your platform that ensure sustained online visibility for your platform. These include targeting customer experience, carrying out analytics, promotion, and retaining customers.
  • A decade of digital experience: We have garnered experience in digital commerce for over a decade. From developing eCommerce stores in various niches to creating engaging online experiences, we have mastered digital commerce while keeping in touch with innovations.
  • Personalized and User-friendly designs optimized for customer retention: We ensure that our designs are customized, unique, and user-friendly. We also prioritize customer engagement and retention. As such, our designs are optimized to encourage customer retention.
  • The ProDev team: Our team comprises highly efficient and skilled members in diverse digital tech areas. Think UI/UX designers, web and mobile developers, software gurus, and inadvertently think ProDev.
  • Boosting and retaining traffic: Digital commerce aims to increase and maintain traffic to an online platform. With ProDev, your business meets and exceeds target expectations.
  • We prioritize our clients’ needs while meeting the users’ expectations: We ensure that our clients’ needs are prioritized, placing preference on their business requirements. This also tallies with ensuring that the target users are taken into consideration by optimizing user experience.

What We Offer

Competitor Research:

We include competitor research of eCommerce platforms in a relatively similar niche, which helps us widen our horizon in functionality, features, and what works for the same target audience.


We also ensure the promotion of your business/brand is considered and undertaken. This may include content, marketing strategies, etc.

Easy Navigation:

With ProDev, we are highly particular about navigation. This stems from the fact that poor and extremely intricate navigation discourages users of a platform. We build with this in mind, ensuring that users can quickly locate features and switch between pages.


Most users prefer to use smartphones to carry out online purchases. As a result, our designs are built to adapt to both web and mobile platforms. We build an eCommerce platform that enables users to switch between mobile and web versions with ease and speed.


A detailed analytics of your business’ performance is done before, during, and after the entire digital commerce process. This helps us visibly track performance and possible areas of alterations.


We guarantee User Experience designs that facilitate engagement on your platform.

What We Consider ?

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